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Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

February 29, 2024

With cyberattacks continuing to grow and crippling organisations around the world, it brings existing debates relating to technology, governance, and human factors into a sharper focus. Recent security breaches prompt a revisit to gaps and opportunities for mitigating, detecting, and responding to malicious attacks from a leadership and organisational perspective. Protecting customer information and corporate assets will continue to be the focus for security and business leaders as they navigate the volatile landscape.

In this one-day-only event, security practitioners will share the most valuable lessons learned on securing organisations at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels; cyber security as a customer priority; the way that AI can be used to respond to cyber threats; improving end-user awareness and understanding of cyber risks; best practices and good governance; and what’s on the horizon as we continue to operate in a digitally driven ecosystem.

Key Topics

  • The state of cyber security
  • Securing organisations at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels
  • Helping users and customers to actively understand and be deeply aware of what they are sharing in the cyber environment
  • IT/OT cybersecurity risks
  • Practical measures that organisations can take to address cyber risks
  • AI for cyber security – challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls
  • Real-time threat detection and response
  • Integrating cyber security strategies into digital transformation
  • Cyber security governance, policies, and ethics
  • The significance of strategic partnerships for combatting cyber threats
  • The future of cybersecurity – connecting technology, people, and business safely and securely

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